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Assent Advisory Group (AAG) is a consulting firm dedicated to supporting the United States Public Sector in accomplishing its intricate array of goals and objectives within a dynamic regulatory landscape. In response to heightened scrutiny faced by government agencies as custodians of taxpayer funds, AAG leverages decades of pertinent management consulting expertise to aid these agencies in effectively navigating and fulfilling their unique mission mandates.

Results Driven

Dedicated to exceeding the standards while demonstrating a strong sense of urgency about achieving client goals.

Experienced Consultants

Decades of committed service to support our government. We leverage our experience to develop solutions to our clients toughest problems.

Financial Professionals

Expert practitioners in Financial Improvement/Audit Readiness. We provide clients with the tools needed to meet all requirements.

Certified Professional Staff

Trust in our experience

Our team has decades of experience in providing audit readiness services for DoD entities. Our staff has a mixture of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) that are licensed in multiple states across the United States and Certified Defense Financial Managers (CDFM).  Each of our CPAs and CDFMs help clients enforce professional standards in the accounting industry.

Team AAG has experience in implementing and developing Quality Assurance (QA) programs at the highest level of the DoD. Our team is knowledgeable on most DoD systems and our Certified Information System Auditors (CISA) assists our clients in implementing industry best practices at their organization. CISA expertise enables our firm the ability to apply a risk-based approach to planning, executing and reporting on engagements.

Our team has firsthand experience, from military service, on how to effectively and efficiently perform logistics and operational planning. Combine with the best industry practices, we have been able to refine our processes and add value to our DoD clients across the world.

Audit Readiness Proficiency 100%
Quality Assurance Proficiency 100%
Logistics Proficiency 100%

Meet the team

Amazing and talented
people work here

Shalimar Brazier

Co-Founder, President

Joe Monaco

Co-Founder, Vice President

Jared Welch

Senior Manager

Alissa Fulton

Senior Manager

Matt DeKeuster

Senior Manager

Ray Lester

Senior Manager

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    About AAG

    Assent Advisory Group (AAG) is a firm that assists the United States Public Sector in achieving their complex set of goals and objectives, in an ever-changing regulatory environment. As government agencies face increased scrutiny as stewards of tax payer dollars, AAG brings decades of relevant management consulting experience to assist government agencies in navigating and fulfilling their agency specific mission.