Joe Monaco

Joe Monaco

Co-Founder, Vice President

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Joe Monaco serves as Vice President of Assent Advisory Group. As a founding member of AAG, he leads the overall market strategy of the firm. In that role, Mr. Monaco manages the business development and capture processes of AAG. He has aligned the firm’s core values with AAG’s business development strategies. To that end, Mr. Monaco has put the relationships of co-workers, teaming partners, and end-clients as the paramount driver of AAG’s business development and capture model.

From an industry perspective, Mr. Monaco has more than twelve years of financial management and internal control experience acquired with PwC and MorganFranklin Consulting. He has led multiple engagements for both the Department of Navy and the United States Coast Guard, varying from Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness, business process improvement and transformation, internal control assessments, and development of standard operating procedures- to highlight a few. In that capacity, he has developed relationships with key stakeholders across both the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

Mr. Monaco is a licensed CPA in the state of Virginia and is CISA certified. He
specializes in Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness, A-123- Appendix A, Audit Remediation, COSO, Enterprise Risk Management, ICOFR, ICOFS, Internal Audit, Program Management, and GAO internal control framework. His thorough knowledge of federal financial management stems from a grasp of authoritative federal accounting guidance, including the GAO FAM and FISCAM, and the DoD FMR.

When away from work, Mr. Monaco enjoys spending time with his wife Holly, and their two kids Mia (4) and Will (2). He likes to watch and play almost any sport, especially football, basketball, golf, and soccer. He is also an avid music lover, although is not remotely able to play any instrument.


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