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Director of Business Development

Jennifer Simpson is the Director of Business Development at Assent Advisory Group (AAG).

As the Director of Business Development at AAG, Jennifer leads and drives the growth of the organization. She is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans to expand AAG’s client base, revenue streams, and market presence. This entails conducting market research, identifying new business opportunities, and nurturing relationships with key clients and industry partners. She also helps to oversee the development of proposals, negotiate contracts, and collaborate with internal teams to ensure the delivery of tailored solutions that meet client needs. As a leader, she provides guidance and mentorship to the business development team, and contribute to the company’s overall strategic direction. Her role is pivotal in positioning AAG as a trusted and successful player in the industry, driving business growth and fostering long-term success.


About AAG

Assent Advisory Group (AAG) is a firm that assists the United States Public Sector in achieving their complex set of goals and objectives, in an ever-changing regulatory environment. As government agencies face increased scrutiny as stewards of tax payer dollars, AAG brings decades of relevant management consulting experience to assist government agencies in navigating and fulfilling their agency specific mission.