does paying property tax give ownership in alabama?


If your mother had a will when she died and the will was not contested, her will would designate who would now own the property without regard to who paid the real estate taxes or who lived in her house. My father in-law​ says I have to pay the taxes on his mom’s house. my husband is on disability and we are poor now for we had paid everything off while we were young knowing that his health one day might be bad. would this be possible given the situation I am in to have a repayment plan? they said i need to send every one on that list a letter stating that i had paid the taxes on it. My question is if I stop paying the taxes will she be able to take me to court to take it away from me. I hope you win. I have upgraded all the appliances including the hot water heater and furnace. For more details, please consult with your tax preparer. I’ve done all of the upkeep and remodeled the home. Does he have any rights to change the deed from my grandfathers name into his own? I just found out that she filed bankruptcy a few months back, but did not include my property nor did she even tell me what she was doing. I have a situation I just found out about. Could really use some help here… I bought a HUD home in Dec. 2011 for $35k cash which I borrowed from my mother. (Your husband and his sister inherited the property at its current market value, which has to be determined, so when he buys her half, it will be tax-free.). Just nothing saying Its mine. My mom was the only child she also died. Currently going through it and don’t know what to do. He passed. But just because you pay back taxes on … I grew up in the house, I am now 49. My in-laws sold their house over 20 years ago and just found out that the guy who bought it never transferred the deed! In addition to paying property taxes, you likely should have lived in the home and paid for its upkeep. My mother passed in 2002 and left the house in a ttrust to be sold and the money split between the kids. My dads names on the title ( he never let my grandma put her name on it and I have declarations to prove) I had a contract with my grandmother and never had one with my dad. Pam, You need more help than we can give you here. Now my brother wants me to pay him rent. The problem is the it is occupied. var relatedSites = document.getElementById( 'footer2' ); The city did not evict him. Tks. We have family land on a Florida River, dad bought the land in 1956 when I was 6 months old. A good real estate or estate attorney will be invaluable in making sure the valuation is fair and that relationships are preserved. My father lived and paid taxes on a house/land for over 30 years but the property is not in his name. when we moved in we signed a lease rent to own. I pay her mortgage company direct and have been since 2012 when she almost cause them to foreclose on my home. Thank you stephanie. No matter how you look at it ,it’s time to change how school taxes are,collected. And when she passed away all i got was a rented truck and a ” get the f#&: out” .. All I have to say is ” Good luck with that eternity thing” as he promised many people some on their death beds that he would take care of me. so because we now are poor which is a big problem I understand but just because he has money and can stretch the truth to have him win in court for we tried it by ourselves for we talked to over 30 lawyers in 2 months to try to get one but they wanted lots of money up front that we did no longer have which I do understand but that doesn’t make it right so we need someone to look at all the facts and help us with our problem. Paying the property taxes alone does not confer ownership but you will have to assert your rights, if you have them, to prevent him from taking the property from you. I have filed my bond of title at the court house. Buying a Duplex With Friends: Primary Residence or Investment Property? Not saying my 2 other brothers and i are rich but bo rights on paying late property taxes is not right. never has spent the night here-she now owns 3homes & recently sold 2others… none of which I’m sure she paid capital gains tax on and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has at some point lied on her taxes about this one with regards to taxes & insurance, etc. I have all of the paperwork for the home. My brother spoke to my uncle and told him he would pay the back taxes and bring the house back into livable conditions and take over the house. Should I sue? I have a question also if my husband and I divorced and the land is in both of our names and hes paid on them for the last 4 years before I could and I finally paid them this year can he get my name off the land during our divorce we didn’t discuss who the land is going to I could move into my mothers house while he had nowhere to go so thats what I did but he wants my name off the land and I won’t sign it over can he do anything to have my name off of it. My ex husband left in 2010 and stopped paying the mortgage to the home we lived in. What are his legal options/. My husband and I wanted to do a refi on the home to take it out of her name and that is how we found out about the bankruptcy. If there is no bidder, the State of Alabama buys the land at the amount of the tax lien. She ended up passing away before I could get back. A local real estate attorney can help you do it also. The house needs a lot of work, but I am afraid to do it as she will claim 1/2 ownership of anything I do and think she deserves even more money for her half. My Uncle who was the executor of the estate for over 20 years when my grandmother died. I have small doubt regarding land ownership ! I am looking to do a five plan repayment but, I am unsure if I can since I am not the legal owner and we are barely beginning to go through probate. The buyer cannot take ownership of the property until the transfer tax has been paid. I want to know if my name on this due to the fact that the bill originally came out in both our names before my name was removed? Of course, I protested that this wasn’t the original agreement but she started sending eviction letters (yes, I know her attempts are nil since Im on the deed) and I contacted an attorney who said division of the property would be difficult at the time since I’d only lived there a few months. My friend does not have the money to hire a lawyer. My friend is afraid that one day they are just going to come in and take it away since it will be 3 against 1. The cousins came to them and asked for help but they refused. In general, claiming title to property through adverse possession requires exclusive and open use or possession of the property, without permission from the record owner, along with proof of payment of property taxes for a certain number of years.

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